Real Church, Real People, Real Simple

Welcome to Community!

We are meeting in person again as a church, and in the process of changing to our new website!  For current information about Community, please visit our Facebook page: @galioncommunitychristian.  Pastor Dan


Real Church, Real People, Real Simple. That's Community Christian. We're not about maintaining an organization, or pretending to be holy and spiritual. We're not about defending centuries of tradition. We're about Jesus, having His values, connecting with Him in ministry to our community today. It can't be much simpler than that!

At Community we believe a relationship with Jesus is the basis for everything we do in life.  As a church, we learn to live in community, grow in spiriitual maturity, discover and use our God given gifts to serve others, and tell our friends about Jesus.  Because we believe the Bible to be God’s Word, we teach nothing more than what the Bible teaches, and certainly nothing less.  We want to tell the Good News about Jesus in a clear, understandable way, true to the Bible, but also relevant to the culture in which we live.  For this reason worship at Community is casual, contemporary, genuine and our life together is a lot of fun!  

We’re not your traditional church, and frankly we don’t want to be. We want to be a real place, a real church, filled with real people, with real problems, but also with real solutions from a very real God!  We want to keep it real simple.  It’s all about Jesus and being His people.  We hope these values are important to you as well, and that you will find a place to serve with us at Community! 



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On the corner of Biddle Road and State Route 19 in Galion, OH

Worship every Sunday at 10:30 AM

Small groups throughout the week! For more information: Email